SNo. ITSAR Name ITSAR Number Release Date Enforcement Date Download
1 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Equipment Identity Register (EIR) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111152403 22-03-2024 NA Download Icon
2 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Network Slice Admission Control Function (NSACF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111252403 22-03-2024 NA Download Icon
3 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/UE Capability Management Function (UCMF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111132403 22-03-2024 NA Download Icon
4 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Network Repository Function (NRF) of 5G-V1.0.1 ITSAR111062401 19-01-2024 NA Download Icon
5 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) of 5G-V1.0.1 ITSAR111192401 19-01-2024 NA Download Icon
6 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Session Management Function (SMF) of 5G-V1.0.1 ITSAR111092401 19-01-2024 NA Download Icon
7 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Unified Data Management (UDM) of 5G-V1.0.1 ITSAR111102401 19-01-2024 NA Download Icon
8 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/User Plane Function (UPF) of 5G-V1.0.1 ITSAR111122401 19-01-2024 NA Download Icon
9 NCCS/ITSAR/Transport Equipment/IP Routers/IP Router-V1.0.1 ITSAR201012401 03-01-2024 NA Download Icon
10 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/Data CPEs/Wi-Fi CPEs-V1.0.1 ITSAR402122401 03-01-2024 NA Download Icon
11 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111042312 29-12-2023 NA Download Icon
12 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Network Slice Selection Function of 5G(NSSF)-V1.0.0 ITSAR111072312 29-12-2023 NA Download Icon
13 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Location Management Function (LMF) & Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111262312 29-12-2023 NA Download Icon
14 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Charging Function (CHF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111172312 29-12-2023 NA Download Icon
15 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Short Message Service Function (SMSF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111232311 30-11-2023 NA Download Icon
16 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Unified Data Repository (UDR) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111112311 30-11-2023 NA Download Icon
17 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Application Function (AF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111142311 30-11-2023 NA Download Icon
18 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Binding Support Function (BSF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111242311 30-11-2023 NA Download Icon
19 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Policy Control Function (PCF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111082311 30-11-2023 NA Download Icon
20 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/Packet Core/Mobility management entity(MME)-V1.0.1 ITSAR102032311 24-11-2023 NA Download Icon
21 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/Packet Core/PCRF (Policy and Charging Rule Function) - 4G-V1.0.1 ITSAR102062311 24-11-2023 NA Download Icon
22 NCCS/ITSAR/Access Equipment/PON Access Equipment/Optical Line Terminal (OLT) – PON family Broadband Equipment-V1.0.1 ITSAR307072311 24-11-2023 NA Download Icon
23 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/PON CPEs/Optical Network Terminal (ONT) - PON family Broadband Equipment-V1.0.1 ITSAR403012311 24-11-2023 NA Download Icon
24 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/Core based Sub-systems/Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)-V1.0.1 ITSAR406032311 24-11-2023 NA Download Icon
25 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/Mobile Network Based Equipment/Network Function Virtualization (NFV) -V1.0.0 ITSAR404042308 28-08-2023 NA Download Icon
26 NCCS/ITSAR/Access Equipment/5G Access Equipment/5G Aggregated gNB NSA Option-3,7&4-V1.0.0 ITSAR303082306 26-06-2023 NA Download Icon
27 NCCS/ITSAR/Access Equipment/5G Access Equipment/5G Aggregated gNB SA Option-2-V1.0.0 ITSAR303012304 26-04-2023 NA Download Icon
28 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/Mobile Network Based Equipment/Mobile User Equipment-V2.0.0 ITSAR404082304 06-04-2023 NA Download Icon
29 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/Set-Top Boxes/Hybrid Set Top Box (STB)-V1.0.0 ITSAR407022301 25-01-2023 NA Download Icon
30 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/Packet Core/PACKET DATA NETWORK GATEWAY (P-GW,PDN GW)-V1.0.0 ITSAR102022212 14-12-2022 NA Download Icon
31 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Authentication Server Function (AuSF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111012209 30-09-2022 NA Download Icon
32 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Network Exposure Function (NEF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111052209 30-09-2022 NA Download Icon
33 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111162209 30-09-2022 NA Download Icon
34 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Service Communication Proxy (SCP) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111182209 30-09-2022 NA Download Icon
35 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Non-3GPP Interworking Function (N3IWF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111202209 30-09-2022 NA Download Icon
36 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/5G Sub-systems/Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF) of 5G-V1.0.0 ITSAR111022209 30-09-2022 NA Download Icon
37 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/Value Added Services/Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC)-V1.0.0 ITSAR103062209 29-09-2022 NA Download Icon
38 NCCS/ITSAR/Transport Equipment/Optical Systems/Transmission Terminal Equipment-V1.0.0 ITSAR203082209 29-09-2022 NA Download Icon
39 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/Packet Core/4G - Serving Gateway (S-GW)-V1.0.0 ITSAR102012203 25-03-2022 NA Download Icon
40 NCCS/ITSAR/Core Equipment/Authentication Server and Subscriber DB/Home Subscriber Server (HSS)-V1.0.0 ITSAR110062203 25-03-2022 NA Download Icon
41 NCCS/ITSAR/Access Equipment/4G-LTE LTE-R Access Equipment/eNodeB (4G Network Access element)-V1.0.0 ITSAR302012011 16-11-2020 NA Download Icon
42 NCCS/ITSAR/Customer Premises Equipment/SIM/Pluggable (U)ICC (SIM, USIM and other (U)ICC based applications,applets)-V1.0.0 ITSAR409012009 24-09-2020 NA Download Icon
43 NCCS/ITSAR/Standards Applicable for Group of Equipment/Cryptographic Controls/Crypto-Controls-V1.0.0 ITSAR096012009 22-09-2020 NA Download Icon